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Update Your Room With A Door Upgrade

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Paneled, sliding glass, French – it's amazing how much a door can change the ambiance within your room. Having a new door installed is a small change with big impact. Select the doors that best reflect your living and decorating styles.

French Doors

Is there anything more elegant than French doors? Constructed of wooden panes of glass, they let in the sunlight when used as interior entryways. When used between the spaces within your home, they afford you privacy while maintaining the connection between rooms.

French doors are typically used to open out to a patio, according to DIY Network. When installed between a room suffused in light and an interior area, they shine the light through, even enhancing it with their glass panes.

Arch-Top French Doors

If you're looking to add a classical ambiance to your space, consider French doors with arched tops. The graceful curves of these installations serve as built-in artwork. They still feature the glass panes of rectangle French doors, but they add the flair of archways reminiscent of classical Greek or Roman structures.

Sliding Screens

On the other side of the spectrum, ultra-modern homes benefit from simple door treatments. Sliding doors are excellent space-savers since they don't open out to a room. For an Asian twist, select a set with wooden screens reminiscent of bamboo.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are the gold standard between your interior living and exterior living for a reason. They afford you the luxury of a space wide open to the sunny exterior while protecting you from the elements. They're also very convenient in that they slide back and forth, thus not taking up any of your living space.

Glass-Pane Sliding Doors

Who says you can't have it all? Do you want the elegance of French doors combined with the convenience of sliding doors? Consider having glass-pane pocket doors installed. These doors slide into their pocket when not in use. To let the sun shine through, have them constructed of panes of glass. These installations work well between a kitchen and a dining room or other living space.

Pivoting Glass Door

Sometimes a door jamb seems to, well, jam the flow of your interior. If you have a long hallway in your modern home, and you need a little extra privacy, consider having a pivoting glass door installed. This door is mounted on a pivot, so it opens flush to the wall without a frame. Select frosted, sand-blasted or ribbed glass for privacy.

A door is an easy but dramatic upgrade to your living space. Install doors that change the look of your room by reflecting your desired ambiance.