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Helping Children Avoid The Dangers Of Septic Tanks And Cesspools

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Children are naturally curious. When they see something new or out of the ordinary, they want to investigate and look closer. If an adult is close by, the children can explore safely. However, parents and childcare providers cannot hover over the children every minute of the day. It's those moments when parents are doing chores or tending to their own bathroom and hygiene needs that children meet with unfortunate events, such as falling into a cesspool or well.

To avoid the dangers awaiting your children around your septic tank or cesspool, you first need to know what they are and then how to prevent the accidents:

Not Just Smelly and Gross

The problem with septic tanks and cesspools does not stop at the fact that they are quite foul. The ammonia from liquid waste as well as methane gas from decomposing semi-solid waste can cause asphyxia and brain damage if exposed for more than a few minutes. The broken down solid waste can bog a child down almost as fast as quicksand.

The faster a child or adult struggles to pull themselves out of a cesspool or open septic tank, the more stuck they become. Since the cesspools and septic tanks are built and buried deep within the ground, it would be difficult to hear an adult, much less a child, screaming for help.

Preventing the Multiple Ways to Die by Cesspool or Septic Tank

You might think it quite common sense for anyone to stay away from something that smells so bad. Unfortunately, unpleasant odors do not always divert the overtly curious child from investigating. Toddlers could easily wander into tragedy of this kind and be lost in seconds. To prevent this thing from happening you need to:

  • Cover your cesspool or septic tank with something very thick, heavy and tight-fitting.
  • Call for septic tank pumping in the area where you live. Regular pumping reduces the amount and levels of waste that could kill.
  • Drain your cesspool, if you have one, once a month or more often if you have a large family or several families utilizing the same cesspool.
  • Find a way to barricade the area where the tank or cesspool sits and place warning signs up if possible. The barricades stop children and the warning signs should stop adults.

Talk to Construction Contractors and Septic Tank Installers 

To place proper barricades and covers around and on these dangerous areas, consult with septic tank service providers first. They have to get to the tanks and pits to empty them and you do not want to complicate their job while trying to make things safer for everyone else.

Hire a contractor who can build the barricades and construct the covers that will protect, prevent, and meet health codes. In the event that you suddenly have a missing child, always check your local waste and well systems first because time is of the essence, even if you have taken great measures to prevent these horrible accidents. If you want to know more or have other questions, try contacting a company like Total Enviro Services Inc. to learn more.