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How To Keep Your Young Child Safe While Getting A New Driveway

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Many young children love to watch the activity in their front yard while a driveway is being installed. Unfortunately, construction sites present many opportunities for children to become injured. These tips will help you keep your young child safe during the construction process. 

Supervise While Satisfying Their Curiosity 

Your child may express curiosity about the large pieces of construction equipment and the workers in the front yard. If you refuse to indulge that curiosity, your child could try to sneak away to see the construction personally. Satisfy his or her curiosity by going to look at the installation of the new driveway--provided that your paving company says it's safe to watch the fun. Hold your child's hand while you watch the activity in the yard. Answer your child's questions and talk about what you see.

Take the opportunity to speak with your child about staying safe around home construction and remodeling. Your child should never play in a site being excavated for remodeling. Show your child what it means to maintain a safe distance from the construction equipment. 

Hire Professionals

Hire a reputable, professional paving company, like Hals Construction, to complete your driveway. By working with a company that maintains a reputation for excellence, you can rest assured that your driveway will be installed quickly and efficiently, and that the site will be completely cleaned up when the work is finished. Ladders, machinery, and other tempting tools that can cause injury should be removed and locked-up at the end of each workday. This will minimize the chances that your child may become injured while the construction is taking place. 

Work with the Contractors

Speak with your contractors about your child before the work begins. Tell them how old your child is and what his or her name is. Ask the company to be on the lookout for your child, especially if you have reason to believe that your child will be enticed to play in or around the area of activity in your yard. Ask them to rope of the area if possible, that way, you're child will know where they can and cannot play. 

Get a Timeline

Concrete that has not yet hardened can cause skin irritation and chemical burns. And, some chemicals used in the paving process--like coal tar sealants--can be toxic. Ask your contractors for a timeline, so you'll know when your driveway will be safe for your child to touch or walk on. Until the concrete has hardened, take precautions to ensure that your child will not touch the wet concrete. Don't forget that some children may find it tempting to write words or draw pictures in the wet concrete. If it is too tempting for them, schedule a play-date or make sure the wet concrete is laid while they're in school.

Alternatively, you may also choose to indulge your child's whims by allowing him or her to write in the concrete with a stick. If you allow your child to write in the concrete, supervise the entire process to ensure it's done safely. If they want to stick their hands in the pavement, offer to do a fun hand-print mold with dough instead, since it will be safer.

Keeping your child safe during the installation process is very important. Once the driveway has been properly paved, you and your family can enjoy it for years to come.