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How To Temporarily Cover A Broken Window When You Have Pets You Don't Want Getting Outside

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When you have pets, a broken window is one of the worst things that can happen in your home. You might not want your cats and dogs to get outside. You need to cover the window before they escape and you need to keep it covered until a window replacement arrives. Here are some tips on covering a broken window and keeping pets inside.


You have a couple options for material to cover the broken window. Pets love to lean against walls so you want something that will hold up against their weight. Cardboard is the best option for covering a window in a household of pets. It is thick and sturdy. The second best option is thick, dark plastic. Clear plastic looks too much like a window. If you have pets that tend to push on windows when they see something fun outside, like a bird or moving leaf, then clear plastic spells disaster.

Do not use blankets as they are difficult to hang well and easy to push through. Never use paper, and garbage bags tear easily under cat claws.


Now that you've chosen your cardboard or thick plastic, you need to hang it properly. Usually, you would hang the material on the outside of the window. This isn't a good idea with pets because they can push on it from the inside. Instead, attach the material to the window from inside the house. Cut the material so it is a bit larger than the window. Use heavy duty duct tape to keep it in place. Press the tape all around the edges of the material. This is easier with thick plastic. You might need several layers of overlapping tape to make sure the cardboard is firmly attached to the wall.

Only secure the material outside if you have wooden window panes. If you do, then attaching it outside is actually your best option. You can use nails which is much more sturdy and safe for your pets than tape.


Pets notice changes in a household. They will see the interesting new window and become curious. You should try to deter them from investigating the covered window. Closing the curtains might help. New toys and special play time will keep them occupied for some time. Or you can keep a careful eye on them while they explore the new "window." Once they get bored, they won't care anymore.

These tips will make sure that your pets stay inside with a broken window. Call companies like Distinctive Siding & Window, for a replacement window and get it installed as soon as possible.