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How To Hang The Anchor Piece When Installing Vinyl Siding

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Many people add vinyl siding to their home because it adds an extra layer of protection from the elements. It can increase your insulation and waterproof your sidewalls. It is also a great way to completely update the style of your home. The great thing about vinyl siding is the fact that you can install it on your own if you have the right tools. Vinyl is relatively lightweight so it easy to transport and install. This article will explain how to hang the anchor pieces when installing vinyl siding.

Attaching and Leveling the Anchor Piece

The most important and technical part of installing vinyl is attaching the anchor piece. Every vinyl siding system is slightly different, but the installation of the anchor piece is relatively similar. The anchor piece is usually attached at the top of any wall. You can hang 5-10 normal siding pieces from each anchor (this number will depend on the manufacturer and size of you vinyl). After the sequence of normal siding pieces, you will need to attach another anchor piece that the lower piece attaches to. Then, you can continue to work downward from the second anchor piece. On a two story wall you might need to have 3-4 anchor pieces.

Of course, the fewer anchor pieces you have, the quicker the installation will be. Attaching the normal pieces is very easy because you do not need to use any adhesives or fasteners. The pieces basically snap together and hang from each other. This is why it is so important that the anchor pieces are level and securely installed.

The manner in which you fasten the anchor piece to the wall will depend on what type of sidewall you have. Wooden sidewalls are easy because you can use basic wooden or drywall screws. Stone or brick walls need to fastened with a special masonry bits. Or, you might need to use a special concrete nail gun to shoot the nails into dense concrete sidewalls. Of course, use a level and make sure that you top anchor piece is flush with the soffitt board along your roof line.

Once you have mastered hanging the anchor pieces, you will be able to install vinyl much quicker. You will have a secure anchor piece and the integrity of your entire siding will be much stronger. Luckily, hanging vinyl siding is not too difficult, so you can do it on your own and save a fair bit of cash.

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