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Need A Tree Removed From Your Fenced-In Yard? Here's A Solution!

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If you need a tree removed from your fenced-in yard, you'll need to prepare your property for the equipment that is needed to do the job. Unfortunately, this likely means that you'll need to remove a section of your fencing. Here's what you need to know.      

Call the building code authority to see if you need a permit to make changes to your fencing

In some areas, every change that is made to a structure needs to be permitted. Call your local building code authority and explain the situation to them to see if you need a permit before changes are made.

Find out the sizes of the equipment that will be used

Speak with a representative from the tree service to find out what types and sizes of equipment they'll use to remove the tree. You'll need the measurements of the widths of the vehicles that may need to get into your backyard. You'll also need to determine if the vehicles will be able to turn in your yard, if necessary.

Determine which part of the fencing will be removed

You'll need to asses your property, the location of the tree, the width of the vehicles, and the roadway access or driveway to determine which part of the fencing to remove. Pay attention to the footings of the fencing, particularly if the fencing is heavy such as a wooden privacy fence. Try to avoid removing a section that includes the footings, if at all possible. Hopefully you will find a section of the fencing that can be removed without needing to also remove the footing. If not, you may need to install a temporary brace to support the remaining fencing.

Remove the section of fencing

The removal process will depend largely on what type of fencing you have. If you have a wooden fence, this may mean using a saw to cut out the section. If the fencing is made of a chain-link mesh, you will need to use wire cutters to remove the mesh. If you aren't sure how to safely remove the material, hire a fencing contractor to do it for you.

Install a hinged section of fencing when you replace the removed section

Instead of reinstalling the removed section, install a hinged section that can be opened. That way, you will not have to worry about vehicle-accessibility to your backyard in the future in case you need tree service again.