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How High Water Pressure Damages Plumbing Appliances And Fixtures

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Most people know that high water pressure leads to lots of leaks, which results in water (and hence money) wastage. Apart from water leaks, high water pressure can also cause you money by damaging your plumbing installations. Here are four cases of plumbing damage caused by high water pressure:

Washing Machine Hose Burst

High water pressure puts a lot of stress on washing machine hoses. This is particularly bad for conventional rubber hoses that can burst under too much pressure. When this happens, you have to deal not only with the cost of replacing the hose but also with the ensuing water damage. Sure, you can use burst-resistant (they do burst, but only at very high pressures) steel hoses, but it doesn't hurt to control your water pressure too.

Damage to Plumbing Valves

Apart from hoses, any valve in your plumbing system will also suffer when the water pressure rises too high. Many plumbing appliances (such as dishwashers) have valves that control the volume of water flowing through. These are the valves that kick into action when you input settings into your machine for a particular washing cycle. When the pressure rises, the valves tend to bang every time they open or close. As a result, they experience faster and greater wear, which leads to frequent and costly repairs.

Spigot Damage

Manual spigots are easy to control when the water pressure is controlled. When the pressure is too high, you have to close the spigots tightly whenever you want to turn off the water. Also, you may find yourself battling with the spigots every time you want the water flowing at a suitable level. All this rough handling increases the wear on different parts of your spigots. For example, the washers will grind down and require frequent replacements.

Pipe Damage

At normal pressure, water pipes have air chambers that cushion the halt of the water and keep the pipes quiet. If the pressure is too high, then the water destroys the air chambers, and the pipes will make a lot of noises each time the running water stops. This is what is known as water hammer; it's an annoying problem that makes the pipes shake and rattle noisily. It leads to premature wear and tear, and can even cause pipe breakage.

Have a plumber install a water pressure regulator if you don't have one already. If you have one installed, but the pressure is still too high, then maybe it's broken or there may be another problem in the system. A plumbing contractor can diagnose and fix the problem. Contact a company like Rapids Plumbing & Heating Inc for more information.