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Use A Hydroseeder To Plant A Vegetable Garden

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If you are planning on planting a vegetable garden on your property, save yourself time and ensure that each seed has plenty of fertilizer by using a hydroseeder. A hydroseeder is a machine that will disperse an even mixture of seeds, water, and fertilizer. After you dig out a section of your property to plant the seeds, prepare the mixture and spray it with the following steps.


  • measuring tape
  • wooden stakes
  • garden tiller
  • rake
  • wheelbarrow
  • large shovel
  • hydroseeder
  • water hose
  • seeds
  • fertilizer
  • mild detergent
  • scrub brush

Prepare The Ground

Select a flat section of your yard to prepare the a garden in. Use a measuring tape and wooden stakes to mark the section that you have selected. Adjust the depth bar on a tiller to the highest setting. This part will determine how deep the tiller will cut into the ground. Move the tiller across the marked part of the property in straight lines. Grass will be loosened during this process. After you move the tiller across the marked section, rake up loose clumps of grass, rocks, and sticks and place them in a wheelbarrow.

Lower the depth bar a little bit and move the tiller across the same portion of the ground to loosen the soil that is near the surface. Use a large shovel to make trenches that are evenly spaced apart. The trenches will hold the seed, water, and fertilizer mixture that you prepare in the following steps.

Plant The Seed Mixture

Fill the hydroseeder's tank with water until it touches the bottom of the agitator blades. Add the first type of seed that you are planting. Read the back of the seed package to determine how much fertilizer to add to the tank. Mix the water, seeds, and fertilizer by turning on the agitator for a couple minutes. Move the hydroseeder next to the area that you prepared for the garden.

Aim the end of the nozzle towards the end of one of the trenches. Squeeze the trigger and pull the hydroseeder along the ground as you fill the entire trench with an even layer of the seed mixture. Rinse out the hydroseeder's tank and add another type of seed, water, and fertilizer. Fill another empty trench with the mixture. Continue the same steps until the entire garden has been planted. Rinse out the hydroseeder's tank and remove residue from its interior with soapy water and a scrub brush.

Water the seeds a couple times each week. Soon you will have a variety of healthy crops growing in the garden. For more information, talk to your hydroseeder retailer (such as Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc).