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Building Materials Made Entirely From Waste Items

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Recycling has come a long way, and now waste items are being used in more construction building materials than ever before. Using this material that's normally considered trash is environmentally friendly and helps contribute to a reduction in landfill waste. With these new materials, homes and buildings can be constructed with less negative impact on the earth as well as less cost. Take a look at some construction related items being used that contain these waste materials.

Wood From Newspaper

First conceived in Norway, this concept new in building materials takes rolled up newspaper and other paper and combines it with a solvent-free glue. When it's completed, the compacted mixture of paper and glue resembles a log, and can even be cut like one. It is sealed so it remains waterproof as well as flame retardant, and can be used to construct anything you would normally build using real wood. Imagine an entire building framed in newspaper-based material that can hold up to pressure just like wood.

Roofs From Diapers

You may be surprised to know that diapers and sanitary items can now be recycled to make roofing material. A special recycling plant separates all of the plastic from the human waste. Once the polymers have been separated, they can be reused to make roofing tiles. This concept is still rather new to the construction world, but it's beginning to be more common in many eco-friendly applications.

Plastic Asphalt

A replacement for traditional asphalt, this material is created from plastic waste. Instead of gravel or sand, the tiny plastic granules that are produced can be used to create a new form of asphalt. When it is combined with asphalt emulsion, plastic has been found to be more durable and last longer than its traditional counterpart. This plastic-based paving is currently being used for some driveways and roads. It is more costly to produce, but the investment is worth it thanks to its longevity and resistance to cracking. 

Bamboo Used for Plywood

Bamboo has quickly become a popular material used in interior design. You'll find it as a flooring material as well as in cabinetry and wall coverings. Bamboo does not produce volatile chemicals and it is a highly renewable resource. In addition, it has a beautiful look and very high durability. Aside from using bamboo for aesthetic purposes, many construction builders are choosing it to replace traditional plywood. It provides a sturdy alternative with less footprint on the earth. 

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