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Tips For Saving Money On Your Bathroom Remodel

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If you have been dreaming of a bathroom remodel but the fear of the cost of it all has held you back, you might want to continue reading. By reviewing the following helpful tips, you should have no problem making sure that you are able to get the remodeled bathroom that you have always wanted without having to worry about going broke in the process. 

Quickly Swap Out The Plumbing Fixtures

Remove your old shower head and replace it with a rain shower head. Then you can remove the outdated spigots from the tub and the sink and replace them with waterfall ones. The best thing about this bathroom remodel upgrade is that it is something that many homeowners are able to do on their own. They also do not have to rip out the entire tub, shower, and sink in order to give them an updated look. All that is needed is the new parts, a wrench, and a little time.

Get Granite Counters For A Discounted Price

If you have held yourself back from installing granite countertops in your bathroom because of the cost, you are in luck. There is a better way to get the granite you want without spending a truck load of money at the local home improvement store. To do this, you will want to head straight to a granite shop and ask for any small granite slabs that they might have leftover from a previous granite job. These places will generally sell you their scrap granite pieces for a dramatically reduced cost, especially since there is not much else that they can do with the material. Also, you may be required to cut the sink and fixture holes on your own, or the granite shop might be able to do it for you for an additional fee.

Limit The Amount Of Tile You Use

Sure, you might want to bring in a nice looking tile in order to improve the look of the bathroom. However, tile can be rather expensive, especially if you are trying to add tile to a very large room. Instead of going with a cheaper tile so you can cover as much space as possible, you can stick with the higher quality tile but simply pick a few focal points in the bathroom that you will want to add tile to. For example, you might want to only add tile around the shower stall, behind the toilet, or around the sink. You might decide to pick an accent wall that will receive floor to ceiling ceramic tile.

As you can see now, there are ways you can make sure that you are getting the bathroom remodel that you have always wanted without being fearful that you are going to break the bank. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Sandia Marble.