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Top Ways To Save On Your Next Residential Propane Gas Delivery

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Once winter comes, your need for propane drastically increases. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to decrease the overall cost of your propane. This will leave you extra money for Christmas shopping, or a trip to the ski lodge. 

Schedule Delivery in the Summer

Although you may not be using the propane during the summer months, that is when the gas is sold for the cheapest amount. With demand being low at that time of year, you'll save a bundle. Just pay attention to the overall price trends and contact your supplier when the price per gallon is at an all-time low. Request a residential propane gas delivery and you'll be ready for the start of winter. 

Opt for a Larger Tank

There are two reasons to consider replacing your small tank with a larger one. First, the more gas you order in a single transaction, the better discount you'll receive. Second, you can combine this tip with the first one and fill the tank up during the summer months when rates are at their lowest. 

Take Advantage of Local Programs

Each county has its own set of programs. Your propane gas supplier should be able to give you a list of places you can apply to for help with your heating costs. Common programs to watch out for include senior citizen discounts, heating assistance for low-income families, and aid for those in the military. 

Sign Up for a Budget Plan

When it comes to residential propane gas service, most companies offer a budget plan for their customers. This means you can contact your supplier to find out how much money you spent on propane the year before. This number may be adjusted based on the predictions for the upcoming winter. That figure is then divided by the 12 months in the year so that you'll have a set amount to pay each month. 

Reduce Your Propane Use

Another way to save big is to reduce your consumption of propane. Turn your thermostat down two degrees and spend less time taking hot showers than you did previously. Every little bit will add up, and you'll find over time that the sacrifice is worth it. 

Finally, not all communities have a co-op, but if yours does, you may want to consider joining it. You can do this while also reducing your propane use to put even more money back in your wallet.