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Locking Up Your Building Site: How A Locksmith's Skills Can Prevent Theft Of Materials And Equipment

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Construction site theft is a booming business for thieves. Some will steal lumber, some will take steel and metal, and the boldest thieves of all steal the heavy equipment. The wood can be used for just about anything, including keeping warm on a cold night by tossing it into a steel drum and setting it ablaze. The steel and metal are recyclable and bought by the pound, no questions asked. As for the heavy equipment, more shady deals go down, but the profits practically rival that of dealing drugs. If you want to protect your construction sites and keep all of your materials and equipment, a locksmith can help in all of the following ways.

Storage Cages

Storage cages, so named because they resemble animal cages, can be locked up tighter than the snares on a drum. If you have storage cages for all of your lumber and your metal and steel items, the locksmith can install commercial-grade locks that no one can cut loose. Some of them may have a key card you need to swipe to open the cage door, while others have a coded key pad. While the cage may allow you to see everything inside, the door can be quite solid and effectively work to keep thieves out.

Ignition Blockers

There are two ways you can prevent the theft of your heavy equipment and both of them are ignition blockers. The first one involves the installation of a Bluetooth security system. If your backhoe or front loader is stolen off the property, you can call the security company and it immediately shuts off the equipment and refuses to allow the thieves (or anyone they sell it to) to access the universal ignition and restart the vehicle.

The second is a physical ignition block created by a locksmith. The locksmith recreates the universal key in a mold, then creates a physical ignition blocker which is connected to a steering lock. Neither the steering wheel nor the ignition blocker can be removed or moved enough to steal the vehicle. Thieves may attempt to damage this type of blocker, which could result in damage to your equipment, but at least it is better than never seeing the equipment ever again.

Locking up the Perimeter

Finally, locking up the perimeter should be something you and your crew does every night. Try to avoid erecting a chain link fence, which is easy enough for most thieves to climb over. Instead, utilize solid walls of corrugated steel. As for the lock, the locksmith will show you several options to choose from, and then anyone working late can lock up the entire site for the night. If you're looking for a locksmith in your area, visit Anderson Lock & Safe, LLC today.