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Three Ideas To Give Your More Than Pickets With Your New Wood Fence

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Wood fences can be an attractive addition to your home. Often, these are simple vertical wood pickets that are plain or painted white. If you want something with more of a custom look, you may want to use different design ideas, such as horizontal sections of fencing or integrating other structures into the fence design. Here are some design ideas that will give you more than a plain picket fence with your new fence.

1. Creating A Unique Look With Horizontal Wood Fence Sections

If you want your fence to have a unique look, you may want to consider installing the wood in a different way. Instead of using vertical picket designs, you can use sections of fence with horizontal boards. This can be a good solution for other features, such as adding lighting or hanging plants on your fence. It can also give you the option to use other materials, such as using tropical hardwood in the design of your wood fencing.

2. Giving Your Exterior Light With Lighting On Fence Posts And In Fencing

The fence around your home can also be a good place to add exterior lighting. This can be done in many ways, such as adding lights to the post caps on your fence. If you want to have more indirect lighting, it can also be hidden in between the boards of a fence with a vertical design. The lights can be installed using outdoor LED light strips, which can come in many different colors. You can even have them installed with a remote control for an outdoor entertainment area. Adding lighting will also help to give your home more security.

3. Integrating Landscaping Features Into The Design Of Your Wood Fence

The design of your fence can also be integrated into the landscaping around your home. If the fence has to be installed at different elevations, a terraced garden design can give you level areas to work into the design. You can also add other interesting features to your fence, such as adding arbors, seating or even a fire pit feature to the design of your fence.

These are some design ideas that you may want to use for your wood fence to give it more than just a picket look. If you are ready to have a new fence installed around your home, contact a wood fencing contractor like All Counties Fence and Supply and talk with them about using some of these unique fence design ideas.