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Contemporary Door Ideas To Add To Your Home's Interior

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If you have an interior doorway in need of a door, and you wish to add something a bit unique into your home's decor, you may want to stay away from prefabricated doors and try purchasing a custom-made door instead. There are several modern door ideas that can easily be added to a room to give it instant eye-appeal. If you are interested in a conversation piece in your own home, consider one of the following fun options.

Reclaimed Wood Doors

To give a home a rustic appearance, consider installing a reclaimed wood door in your home. Reclaimed wood is taken from old barns, giving your door some history and a great story about its construction. A custom door maker can use barn wood pieces to construct a hearty door with tons of character. Barn wood has a high market value and can be found online or through a custom woodworker. 

Another alternative is to drive around and look for abandoned barns on your own. This would necessitate you finding the property owner to get clearance in claiming the wood for your personal use. You may find some owners are happy to sell the wood knowing their desecrated barn will be enjoyed in a different manner. 

Dutch Doors

A door that splits horizontally across the center, giving you the option to open only the top half is a great way to increase the appearance of space in a room when you want the security of a closed door at the same time. These doors are sometimes used as an exterior back door option, allowing the homeowner to let in some air without allowing pets or children to escape.

Rounded Arch Glass Doors

If you want to give a room an appealing look, consider having glass paneled doors with arch tops constructed to fit the doorway opening. This is a majestic look that can give a dining area, library, or sitting room more lighting while giving it eye-appeal. You would need the assistance of a contractor to alter the shape of the existing walls so the door will make a visual impact as soon as you approach the room.

Sliding Doors

If you are limited on space, adding a sliding door to an entryway is a great way to utilize a room without having the door swing in or out, taking up space as a result. A sliding door can be hung from a pole installed above the doorway. Often people will use a decorative wood door or patterned door in this area as it would appear like a wall hanging when it covers the entryway.