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2 Ways To Deliver A Hot Tub To A Deck In A Fenced-In Backyard

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If you've dreamt of having a hot tub on your back deck but haven't installed one yet because your backyard is enclosed with fencing, there are several options that can help make your dream a reality instead of a nightmare. Here are a two ways to get a hot tub onto the back deck of your house.

Build a Removable Panel in the Fence

Consider removing a portion of the fence and replacing it with a removable panel. Essentially, the same length and material of fencing can be used to create an extra-wide panel that can be removed so trucks can drive through the opening. A removable fence panel can be swung on hinges as if it was a gate or lifted up and moved out of the way entirely.

It's important to understand that the weight of the panel on hinges, especially if the fence is made of a heavy material such as wood, will need to be compensated for when the panel is fully open. You'll likely need to stabilize the opened end of the gate so gravity doesn't pull down on it, which can cause the rest of the fence to lean or become unstable. Speak with a fencing company for more information about turning a section of your fence into a removable panel.  

Additional benefits of installing a removable panel in your fencing are that you will be able to use the same opening to deliver other things, such as mulch or asphalt shingles for a new roof installation.

Hire a Crane Service

Another option is to hire a crane service to deliver the hot tub to the deck by lifting it up and over your house. To do this, the crane will need a firm and somewhat level area to park. Cranes are designed to compensate for slopes in the ground but only to certain extents based on the size of the crane and the amount of weight the crane was built to lift. Another thing to consider is whether or not there are any obstacles that may get in the way of the crane delivery of the hot tub, such as overhead electrical cables or tree branches.

Also, most local building code authorities require a permit for cranes. Call your municipality office first to see if you need a permit for a crane. Call your homeowner's insurance to see if your insurance will cover any damages or accidents caused by a crane.

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