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3 Steps To Secure A New Job Site And Protect From Theft And Trespassing

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Before you begin a new project, keeping it secure is important. For your jobsite, you will want to have systems in place to keep trespassers out and prevent theft of materials and equipment. There are a few easy steps that you can do to make your jobsite safe on your next project, such as installing construction fencing and using surveillance cameras. Here are some simple steps to get your job started right with good security:

1. Seal Off Your Site With Good Construction Fencing

Once your jobsite is cleared and ready to begin work, sealing it off is important. To protect the site from trespassing, adding fencing is a good choice. In addition, you may also want to consider adding wind screens with dense fabric, which will decrease visibility and give your project more of a professional appearance. It can also be a good place to advertise your business with a company logo that you can have printed on the wind screen.

2. Add Simple Video Surveillance To Keep An Eye On Your Project

Having surveillance for your projects is also a good investment. Today, there are many different options for surveillance of your project. If you have a smaller project with a small budget, you may want to consider wildlife cameras to monitor strategic areas, which can even have mobile connectivity to send you photos and videos. For larger projects, you may want to consider having a complete construction surveillance system installed for your business. These can be more complete surveillance systems like what would be installed in a commercial business with a permanent location. With construction surveillance, you can also have the option for mobile connections for areas without conventional telephone or Internet infrastructures.

3. Rent Containers To Store Materials And Equipment Safely

Containers can be another great improvement to secure your business. If you have a lot of materials and equipment to store, containers can be a great solution for storage and keeping things safe from theft. You can also install alarms on the doors, which can prevent entry into the containers. If you have a lot of projects planned, you can even purchase used shipping containers and have them moved from project to project, which can reduce costs due to rental fees for these types of materials.

Following these simple steps can help you reduce theft and prevent trespassing on your projects. To get started, contact a construction fence service like Statewide Rent-A-Fence to enclose the perimeters of your next project site.