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Four Issues Detected Via A Construction Inspection

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Construction inspections are a normal part of conducting business in the construction world. As a contractor erects your home or office building, there will be regular inspections to make sure there are no issues. To give you an idea of what the construction inspector is looking for, here are examples of issues commonly detected via a construction inspection.

Structural Integrity

Structural integrity is everything to a home or building. Most contractors generally do not have a problem with passing this part of the construction inspection unless there are some very unusual architectural features that have been difficult to build. For this reason, the inspector will want to check these particular features to be sure they will not cause the house or building to cave in or collapse, thereby affecting the overall structural integrity of the house or building.

Electrical Installations

Electrical fires are a leading cause of property damage, many of which can be prevented if the electrical wiring is installed correctly and properly. Part of every construction inspection includes all of the electrical wiring and the circuit box(es). If the inspector finds anything wrong with these items, the wiring or circuit box(es) have to be redone. Then the inspector checks it again once the electrical issues have been corrected.

Plumbing Installations

Plumbing is also something that can cause a lot of damage to a building or home if it is not effectively installed. The inspector checks all of the plumbing connections to make sure they are tight, do not leak, etc. The inspector also makes sure that the plumbing is up to code for your county and state. Anything that does not pass muster has to be fixed and re-inspected.


It may surprise you to learn that during any new construction pests can infiltrate the house or building. Termites, wood ants, wood/bark beetles, mice, shrews, voles and even bats will enter the property and build nests or roosts. The construction inspector will look for signs of pest infiltration and then order that the pests be removed and/or controlled before construction can continue or while construction continues. Examples of this may include finding rodent droppings and then placing traps and poison bait within the house or building. Eventually, the traps and poisoned bait should kill the rodent pests, but construction contractors can continue business as usual. With insect pests, they have to be destroyed completely before construction can continue or the insect pests will just relocate to another part of the building/house. 

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