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Tips to Prepare for Residential Blasting

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If you have solid rock on your property instead of deep soil, you may need to bring in a blasting contractor if you want to add certain types of buildings, level land, or install a pool. These contractors are skilled at using controlled blasts to break up rock, but you will need to be prepared so you can protect your family and property during the blasting period. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Bring pets indoors

You don't want your pets to be harmed by the blast. Not only are they in danger from blast debris, but they may also hide in an area that is dangerously rattled by the blast. The noise can also damage their hearing. House pets like cats and dogs should be brought indoors. Outdoor animals, such as livestock, should be moved to pasture as far from the blasting site as possible. You may need to ask a neighbor to allow you to move the animals to their land during the blasting if you are on a smaller property.

Tip #2: Ask for a pre-blast survey

The contractor should offer you a pre-blast survey. They will walk around your property and point out items that could be disturbed by the reverberations. This gives you time to shore up or repair items that could be damaged by the shaking. They may also offer to walk through your home and point out precautions you should take to protect your belongings. This survey also finds preexisting damage to the home, such as a crack in the foundation or wall. It protects you in the event new cracks form—if these weren't noted on the survey, then the blasting company may be responsible for the repair.

Tip #3: Secure your belongings

It's a good idea to take down heavy or breakable wall décor, just in case. You may also want to pack away breakables that are displayed in curio cabinets, at least until the blasting is over. Any item that could easily fall over and break should be placed in a safe area. Keep in mind that a blast usually rattles the houses, which means items shake and fall over or slip off a shelf. This means you don't have to box up everything; simply lay it on the floor or on a bed so it is cushioned and won't fall.

For more help, contact a blasting contractor in your area.