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Dealing With Weird Water Infiltration Issues? What Every Homeowner Should Know

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Unlike persistent water infiltration issues that might indicate a leak or ongoing moisture problem, random moisture that appears with no real pattern or cause can be far more difficult to source and correct. If you are a homeowner struggling with this type of weird water infiltration issue, using the following questions just might help you find the source of the moisture and determine how best to stop it from happening.

Does the water infiltration occur only after a heavy rain or when snow and ice is melting off the roof? 

Homes that have or suddenly develop water infiltration issues only after a heavy rain or when snow and ice is melting off the roof may have defective guttering or downspout issues capable of causing the problem. Homeowners who experience this type of water infiltration may be able to correct the problem by checking and correcting the following areas: 

  • check the guttering to see if it is damaged or full of debris, causing water to overflow the gutter and pool near the foundation, basement, or crawlspace area and then seeping through 
  • check the downspouts to see if any extensions or drainage pipes that are fed by them have become damaged, clogged, or unhooked, allowing water to pool near the home instead of being carried away and deposited a safe distance from the home
  • check to see if storm water drainage ditches in your area have eroded or become full of debris, allowing water to remain around the home instead of flowing harmlessly away

Does the water infiltration occur during periods of little rain during the summer? 

Water infiltration issues that occur sporadically during the summer, especially during periods when there is little or no rainfall, may be directly associated with watering lawns, trees, gardens, or flowerbeds located close to the home. For instance, if lawn sprinklers are situated where they may spray the home or allow water to accumulate against the basement, crawlspace, or foundation wall, make sure to move them further away from the home to prevent the possibility that the water could pool near the home and infiltrate it and infiltrate the home

If you are still unable to locate the source of the water that infiltrates your home after using the information listed above, homeowners should consider contacting their local waterproofing contractor as soon as possible to inspect their home and offer a workable plan to cure the problem. Waterproofing contractors like State Wide Waterproofing can use a variety of techniques and products to help seal and protect the exterior surfaces of the concrete, both above and below the surface of the soil, to make it impenetrable to moisture and cure your weird water infiltration issues.