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Three Key Plumbing Components To Check Before Buying A Home

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If you're buying a new house, one of the things you need to consider is the condition of the plumbing. Overlooking a potential plumbing problem could lead to disaster and the need for emergency plumbing repairs. Here are a few of the things you should check for when you're viewing the house. If necessary, you can even call a plumber to do the inspection for you.

Lead Pipes

Older homes that haven't had any plumbing work done are likely to contain lead pipes. You can look at the pipes throughout the house to identify this as a problem. Lead pipes are usually dark grey in color. Since lead is soft, you would likely also be able to scratch it with a coin. If you suspect that it's lead, you'll want your plumber to replace those lines so that you don't risk lead poisoning. If you find lead pipes in the house, you should also place a call to the water company to find out if there are any lead pipes in the supply lines as well.

Shut-Off Valves

One of the things that many prospective homeowners overlook is the condition of the water shut-off valves in the house. Even if you think to ask where the valves are, that doesn't leave you free from trouble. You need to test the valves to be sure that they are not rusted or otherwise damaged. If you don't, you're likely to find yourself with a mess in the event of a plumbing emergency. The main shut-off valve should be somewhere near the water meter or on the outside of the house, against the wall. Turn off the valve, then check the taps for any running water. If any taps are still flowing, that's a sign that the shut-off valve needs to be replaced.

Washing Machine Hookup

The washing machine hookup is often overlooked by buyers when inspecting the home. Before you leave, check that the water valve that will connect to the washer is working. It should open and close freely, and there shouldn't be any water dripping in the area. In addition, the valve, intake hose, and drain hose should be in good condition. If anything is brittle, cracking, or visibly damaged, it's going to need to be replaced.

These are three key areas that you should check to help you avoid plumbing emergencies. Your local plumber will help you spot other areas that could be problematic. Contact a plumbing company like Marv's Plumbing for additional advice.