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3 Reasons Why Property Lines Do Matter

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If your neighbor has recently complained that your fence is on his or her property or if you have recently had a land survey done and have found that your property lines are in a different place than you thought, you could be wondering what to do next. Some people decide that it's not a big deal and choose not to press the issue when it comes to exact property lines, since it might not seem to matter. However, it matters more than many people think. Here's why.

1. Neighbors Might Complain

For one thing, you should think about how your neighbors might react when it comes to property lines. Even though you might not think it's a big deal, your neighbor might ask you to move your fence if it is slightly over his or her property line, which could be a big hassle. Even if you and your current neighbor have come to an agreement about it, a future neighbor could find it to be an issue.

2. You Have to Think About Taxes

Another thing that you should think about is the fact that you could currently be paying property taxes for a piece of property that you aren't using or that you may not have access to. By taking the right steps, however, you can either begin having use of the property or could have your taxes adjusted so that you aren't paying for property that you aren't using.

3. It Could Affect the Sale of Your Home

If you decide to sell your home in the future, the property line issue could come up. The potential buyer might have a land survey done, and if it doesn't match up with the property that is being shown as available, the buyer could have complaints or could ask for a lower price. By having your own property survey done before putting it on the market, you will be able to handle things before showing the property to potential buyers.

Many people never think about having a land survey done. They might just assume that they know where their property lines are or might not think that the exact lines matter, especially if they get along with their neighbors and are happy with the amount of space that they have. However, as you can probably see, property lines really do matter. If you need help with this, luckily, a land surveyor can help you figure out exactly where your property lines are. Visit a site like http://www.communitysciences.com for more help.