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2 Tips To Help Boost The Health Of Your Lawn

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Your lawn can be one of the most beautiful features of your landscaping, especially when it is lush and dark green in color. Having a lawn full of weeds and with bare patches can detract from the appearance of your entire yard and home. Keeping your lawn healthy requires you to implement and use specific guidelines to help keep it looking its best. Here are two tips to help you.

Install Automatic Sprinklers

An in-ground automatic sprinkler system is essential for keeping your lawn healthy, especially with how busy your life can be. An automatic sprinkler can be programmed to water the same time of day and for a specific period of time to get the right amount of water to your lawn. And because you don't need to place the sprinkler in your lawn each time you water, you know water will be delivered to all parts of your lawn to avoid over- or under-watering.

Program your sprinklers to water less frequently during the week for a longer duration each time. This delivers water more deeply into the soil and promotes your lawn roots to grow deeply, which creates a healthier lawn. A lawn with shallow roots will be less likely to survive in drought conditions or from disease. Also, set the sprinklers to water early in the morning before the sun rises, which prevents the water from evaporating while it waters and gives your lawn the moisture it will need to make it through the heat of the day.

If you don't have automatic sprinklers installed in your lawn and landscaping, you can hire a professional landscaping company to plan and install them according to the layout of your yard. Then, with them set on a timer, you don't need to worry about forgetting to water your lawn, especially if you go out of town.

Aerate Each Year

Lawn aeration is also important for the health of your lawn. It is best to aerate your lawn at least once a year, in the spring or fall. Aerating your lawn removes small cores, or plugs of soil from the roots of your lawn, which helps reduce soil compaction. This can be helpful when your soil and lawn roots contain a large amount of organic debris or lawn thatch, which can both starve your lawn of nutrients, air and water. 

After your lawn has been aerated, there are pockets within the soil and roots from where the plugs of soil were removed. These areas allow water, air, and any fertilizer you wish to apply, to get into the soil and feed your lawn. This enables your lawn to grow its roots more deeply and to become a stronger and healthier lawn.

You don't need to buy your own aerator and complete the process yourself. You can hire a landscaping services professional to complete the process for you each time. The cost is minimal and affordable and will help boost the health of your lawn. Rely on resources like http://headsupsprinklersva.com/ to learn more.