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Minimize The Mess When Painting Inside

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Painting can really transform a space and change how it feels inside. If you want to repaint a room in your house, it is important to minimize the mess. By minimizing the mess, you can ensure that your flooring, ceiling, windows, and electrical outlets do not get caught up in the mess that you are making.

#1 Cover Electrical Outlets

You do not want to get paint inside of your electrical outlets. It doesn't look nice and it can compromise the function of your electrical outlets.

Put house painters tape around the edge of the electrical outlets. Make sure that the paint is just touching the electrical outlet cover and not the wall. Cover up the entire electrical outlet cover.

#2 Protect The Windows

You don't want to get paint on your windows either. It can take a lot of effort to get paint off of your windows. You have a few options for covering up your windows. You can take painting paper, which is nice, brown paper that is really wide, and use it to cover up the area. Secure the paper to the edges of the windows, layering it around all four edges of the window to provide complete coverage.

You can also use plastic to cover up the window if you still want to let light in. Just tape the plastic around the edges of the windows. You can purchase clear plastic at your local dollar store for your windows.

#3 Guard Your Flooring

Flooring is expensive, and the last thing you want to do is ruin it with paint. For your flooring, you should put brown paper around the edges. Tape it so that the paper meets with the bottom of your walls. Depending on how wide the paper is, this should give you a couple of feet of coverage all around the room you are painting.

Then, in the middle of the room, where the paper does not go, put down plastic or a tarp. Secure the clear plastic or the tarp to the paper so that your entire floor is covered in the room where you intend to paint.

#4 Keep Yourself Clean

You don't want to get paint on yourself and transfer it to unintended surfaces. When you paint, put on a layer of painting clothing that you are comfortable getting messy. When you are done painting, take those clothes off in the room you are painting in and put them in a plastic bag. That way, you will not track paint to other areas of your home. You should also change shoes when you leave the room you are painting in to ensure that you don't track paint to other rooms either.

When you are done painting, put all of the coverings you used in a trash bag. Start by removing the tape from the outlets, then the covers from your windows and finally the paper and plastic from the floor once the paint has dried. This will ensure you don't get paint where you don't want it and minimize the clean-up process.