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Why You Should Have An Asphalt Driveway Instead Of Concrete

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Whether you are having a new driveway created on your new property or having an old stone or dirt one redone, you can choose between concrete and asphalt. While concrete can make a very nice driveway, there are definite reasons you should consider going with asphalt instead. To help you better understand this, here are a few of the reasons:


Asphalt is more flexible than concrete. This means that it can withstand the weight of your vehicle driving on it without causing it to crack. It also means that it will expand and contract as needed due to the weather. In addition, if the soil changes due to excess water or dryness, the asphalt will move with it and not crack. Concrete is rigid and will not conform to any ground changes once it has hardened.

Durability and Lifespan

Asphalt is more durable and has a longer lifespan than concrete. Part of this is due to its flexibility. Another reason for its durability is the tar, or bitumen, that holds the little pebbles and other aggregates together. Tar is less likely to crumble or deteriorate because it got wet the way cement can. If an asphalt drive develops a crack, water seeping into it will not cause further crumbling.


Maintenance is done to help prevent any problems with the asphalt and to keep it clean and looking good. Since asphalt is a dark color, it does not show most stains that would have a concrete drive looking dirty and unkempt. Eventually, there will be a problem, or a repair will be needed to the driveway. Asphalt is easier to repair than concrete. If the repair is small, it can usually be done by one person in a few hours. There is no need to tear up what is there and redo it unless you need a whole new drive, which won't be necessary if you perform regular maintenance and take care of little repairs as they occur.

It is always best to have a professional, licensed company do the initial asphalt paving for your driveways. While they are at your home, be sure to ask them about the best ways to maintain and repair it. If you do have a problem and are not sure of the best course of action, contact the company again. They will come and look at the situation and give advice as to how to proceed.

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