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Learn How To Remove Snow From The Entrances Of Your Construction Site

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When snow collects around the entryways to a jobsite, it can make getting materials in and out of a home that your company is doing construction on very difficult. It is best to take the time to remove the snow away from the entrances of the home to make sure that it does not get tracked all over the house accidentally. The following guide walks you through a quick and easy way to remove the snow that collects at a job site.

Get a Large Piece of Plywood

The first thing you need to go is you need to find a large piece of plywood. The wood will be very saturated after you are done using it so be sure to choose a piece that you do not need to use later on down the road. The piece needs to be large in size so that you can remove ample amounts of snow at one time, but not so large that you cannot easily handle it on your own. A piece of plywood cut in half horizontally is often the perfect size.

Hold the Plywood Properly

You want to stand the piece of plywood up so that it is perpendicular to the ground. Wear a pair of gloves so that you can get a good grip on the piece of wood. You will be pushing the plywood across the ground, so you do not want to lose a grip on it or you could end up falling accidentally during the snow removal process.

Push the Snow

Tilt the plywood toward you slightly so that it is at an angle and push it forward with your body weight. Be sure that you are pushing the wood under the snow. The snow will collect on the plywood and you can then turn the wood to the left or the right to push the snow out of the way. You will have a pile of snow when you are finished, but that can stay put if it is out of the way or easily be scooped into a trashcan and moved somewhere else.

Once the snow is out of the way, your crew can get back to work right away. Most construction sites already have plywood laying around, so this is essentially a free way for you to be able to get the pesky snow out of your way quickly and easily to ensure work never has to stop just because of snow collected around a job site. Contact a removal service, like C & Z Construction, for more help.