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Change Your Garage Panels For A Smart Update

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Do you want to up your home's curb appeal? If you are looking for a cheap way to improve how your home exterior looks, you can't go wrong with a garage door upgrade. This is a smart and fun remodel that many people overlook. That is, many people decide that they want to upgrade their windows, repaint their walls, or change their roof before they decide to do anything to their garage. But, garage door replacement is very effective and relatively affordable. This makes it a prime investment for those who don't have the budget for larger remodels.

In some instances, homeowners are able to replace their garage door panels without actually changing the motor, frames, or operating system. This article explains how homeowners are often able to replace their garage panels without changing anything else in the system, saving money and time.

Modular Garage Doors

Many garage doors are modular, so it can be quite easy to replace the panels while keeping everything else the same. This is due to the fact that modern garage doors are made out individual pieces that are attached to each other with bolts, instead of screws and glues. For example, the panels are secured to hollow frames which are then attached to the motor and pulley system. So, you could conceivably take the panels out of the frames and your garage door with still work like normal. That is, it will still open and close, but it will just be the skeleton of the system.

Changing Your Panels

So, if your panels are just old and out of style, and you are able to just replace them without changing the frame, it is a very cheap and easy project. First, need to determine if your garage has panels that are easily removed. On some systems, the panels can be removed without even using any power tools. That is, you can remove a couple of bolts, and then the panel will easily come off of the frame. You should inspect the state of your frames. If they are warped or bent, your panel should pop out with ease. Then, you will be able to put the panel in its place with ease. Panels are long and flimsy, so they can be awkward to handle. But, they aren't heavy or hard to work with.

It ends up being a quite fun and simple project for DIYers, but contact a residential home contractor if you need help.