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4 Septic Tank Maintenance Tips To Prevent Costly Problems

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When you neglect the servicing and maintenance of your septic system, it can lead to serious problems with the components of the tank and drain field. These problems can also find their way into household plumbing and be costly to repair. The following tips will help with the maintenance that your septic tank needs to prevent serious problems that are costly to repair.

1. Knowing When to Have the Tank Pumped and Inspected to Prevent Problems

It is important that you know when your septic tank needs to be pumped, which is usually every few years for a modern septic system that is sized for the needs of your home. When you have a septic service pump the tank, you are also going to want to have the technicians inspect your system to make sure there are no issues that can cause problems. If you have an undersized and outdated system, you can expect it to need to be pumped more frequently.

2. Foreign Materials and Chemicals That Can Cause Damage to Septic Tanks

It is also important to keep foreign materials out of your septic system, which can cause it to quickly become overburdened and need to be pumped. In addition to the foreign materials that can cause problems with septic systems, you should avoid harsh chemicals like commercial drain cleaners and cleaning products, which kill off bacteria in septic systems.

3. Issues with Septic Drain Fields That Cause Tanks to Become Overburden and Fill Faster

Septic drain fields are often the cause of problems with septic systems. This is often due to outdated or damaged lines, which will need to be cleared or replaced. When you have a septic service repair clogged drain field lines, you may also want to talk to the technicians about options to upgrade your system with secondary lines, distribution boxes, or replacing an outdated drain field.

4. Dealing with Older Septic Systems and Doing Improvements to Prevent Problems

Older septic systems may have several problems, such as outdated materials and being undersized. If your tank constantly needs to be pumped and has problems with leaks or other issues, you may want to talk with a septic service about updating the system. Some of the options you will want to consider include lining old concrete tanks, updating drain lines, or installing secondary pump tanks.

These are some tips that will help with the maintenance your septic system needs to prevent problems that are costly to repair. If you need help with maintenance and improvements for your system, contact a septic service to pump the tank and inspect your septic system for potential problems.