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Three Tips To Keep Your Restaurant Dumpster Clean

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As a restaurant owner, you understand that the exterior of your business is just as important for attracting customers as the interior and the food service. Yet, many restaurateurs overlook the impact the dumpster could be having on a customer's first impression. Often, free-standing locations have a parking lot on all four sides of the building, which means your dumpster is not out of sight of all of your customers. The following tips can help ensure that your dumpster doesn't negatively impact the first impression of your establishment.

Tip #1: Fence it in

Hiding the dumpster from general view is the single best improvement you can make. In many municipalities, it is even required. The key is to make sure the enclosure is attractive. A brick enclosure is durable and often utilized, but privacy fencing also works well. A locking gate is the best option, since this will help keep out illegal dumpers and others that can make your dumpster area a mess. Just make sure to work with the dumpster rental company to make sure the gate access meets their requirements for garbage removal and dumpster access.

Tip #2: Keep it sanitary

A dumpster can be clean and out of site, but the odor could still turn off potential customers. This is especially true of restaurant dumpsters in the warmer months. Make a habit of requiring double bagging of all food waste to help trap odors and fluids that would otherwise leak out. You may also want to consider a dumpster service that offers compost pickup, which will cut down on food waste, as well. Make sure to hose out and sanitize the dumpster regularly to make sure odors are removed. If a dumpster has become very dirty and smelly, it may be time to contact your rental service about a replacement.

Tip #3: Practice proper disposal

Disposing of garbage properly is another key way to keep the dumpster area pleasant. Garbage should never be stacked outside of the dumpster—if your dumpster is filling up you need to order a larger container or schedule more frequent pickup. Make sure the dumpster is equipped with a lid and require that it remains closed at all times. This cuts down on odor and also prevents animals from

By implementing the above dumpster protocols with your staff and working with your dumpster rental service, you can ensure your dumpster has no negative effect on how potential customers view your restaurant. For more information, reach out to companies like Faztec Industries.