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Clogged Drains? What Can Be Causing This Issue?

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You have clogged drains, and you want to resolve the issue. Your plumbing and contractor specialist can assist you in getting your home back to proper health again by ensuring that your plumbing is safe. When you isolate the clogging issue and do your part to resolve the clogging, you help protect the hot water tank, plumbing system, drains, and even the overall water quality in your home.

What can be clogging your drains? What may be causing your issue to be happening? How can you prevent clogging problems from continuing? Doing your part to check out what is causing your clogs will help you get the most out of your home's system. Here is a guide to assist you in how you can find out what is causing your drains to clog.

Debris stuck in the drains

Is there debris stuck in the drains of your home? If so, then the clogs may be caused by hair, food, chemicals, skincare items, or even something that is stuck in the drains. This is especially likely if the clog is relatively isolated in nature and only occurring in one drain and not others.

Backup in the sewer system

If there is a backup in your home's sewer system, you may notice not just a clog, but a foul odor coming from your septic system as well. When your sewage system is not operating as it should be, you can end up with unsavory clogs in one or more drains and an egg-like, rotten odor coming from your pipes. This type of clog is not actually a drain clog exactly, but more of an issue with water being unable to drain fully because there is either sewer matter backed up in the line or there is something stuck in your plumbing system that has bypassed the drain and got stuck further down the line.

Broken pipes or drainage system

Finally, a clog can be caused by broken pipes in the line or another issue with your home's drainage system that can be hard to pinpoint or target. The best way to repair any type of drain clog is to hire a plumber or contractor to put a snake down the line so the clog can be isolated and then repaired. The right plumber or specialist will be able to break up any type of clog or repair the broken pipes as needed to ensure healthy drainage in your home.

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